Ethan Feldman, DC

Dr. Feldman has been a licensed doctor of chiropractic in California since 1988 and licensed Mexican chiropractor since 2011.

Trauma and Healing

It is my aim to restore your body’s
function to its pre-injury state

Having been in practice for 30 years I have mastered many techniques, but currently I focus on an osteopathic form of unwinding and resetting the body which is called Jones Strain Counterstrain (or sometimes Positional Release Technique). I have combined this method with some others that I have studied or developed and call this combination KinEase Release Methods. The techniques focus on finding comfortable positions for the body to literally forget painful holding patterns of muscle and joint tension, spasm and pain. Analogous to how we handle emotions, most insults and emotional stressors are processed and released in the course of a day, or two, but some seem to linger in our psyche and even amplify over time. The physical body is no different.

I have practiced nearly all forms of chiropractic over my 30 year tenure in this field, and am happy to be in San Miguel, where I can focus almost exclusively on KinEase Release Methods. The results are rapid and usually long lasting. In my experience, KRM approaches chronic pain and dysfunction in a manner that is not addressed by more common chiropractic, osteopathic and physical therapy modalities. It is my pleasure to offer this care to my patients and teach it to my students.

Most of the release from emotional traumas come when we sooner or later learn to “forgive and forget” and move on. Doing so takes the emotional charge out of the event of the past and we can start afresh. With the physical body the approach is similar. If the muscle and joint memory can “forget” whatever lasting pattern of protective tightness and imbalance it has, it can reset to its previously undisturbed stance. To accomplish this, I scan for specific points (there are at this point about 800 known points in the Jones system) and I place the body in positions of comfort in which the tight, guarded posture no longer is stimulated to send ingrained, habituated signals from the muscles to the spinal cord which result in vicious cycles of contraction, pain and dysfunction. After about 90 seconds the body resets and restores itself to it’s pre-trauma tension settings. Each visit lasts an hour and includes a detailed history and examination as part of your care. Normally it is evident within one or two visits if this technique is the right one for you.



Areas of Expertise

Dr. Feldman specializes in release of subluxations and somatic dysfunction via positional releases and teaches this to chiropractors and other health care professionals in California and Mexico.  He also is a dance medicine specialist and has worked with many professional dance companies and schools.

He was named by San Francisco Magazine “The Best Practitioner for Aches and Pains” in Berkeley.

He was also the chiropractor for the University of California, Berkeley performing arts venue Zellerbach Hall, where he treated dancers and other performers from top companies from around the world.

He has been a chiropractor since 1988. He and his wife Susan have lived in San Miguel since 2011.

He continues to practice in San Miguel de Allende as well as teaching the next generation of chiropractors, physical therapists and other manual medicine practitioners.

The focus of his work is on gently unwinding chronic musculoskeletal conditions by comfortably positioning the body in such a manner that the body resets and restores to it’s proper anatomical neutral setting, much like rebooting and restoring a computer to it’s previous version before the problem began. By finding a position in which the body no longer reports pain and restriction to the spinal cord and brain, the nerve reflexes stop firing stressful signals and the whole system returns to normal.

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Dr. Ethan Feldman

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