My Personal blended approach​

  1. Static palpation: What is the most tender muscle in the subluxation complex? What is its origin, insertion and action? What are the most tender in the body? Prioritize those.​
  2. How do I slacken that? Motion palpation to find restrictive barrier(s).  Move away from the barrier of greatest resistance (exactly opposite what would be your line of drive)​
  3. Fold it into slack until non-tender for 90 seconds to reset.​
  4. Augment with reciprocal inhibition techniques where desired or needed for a shorter duration hold or a better outcome.​

Practice thinking in terms of Anatomy and Kinesiology​

Learn to think like this with all muscles:
  • What muscle is T.A.R.T (Taut, Assymetrical, Restricted, Tender) under my finger?  
  • Where are this muscle’s Origin and Insertion points? 
  • How can I collapse it into itself?
  • Do this and memorization of tender point releases becomes less important, and/or easier to memorize because it makes sense.
Photo courtesy Selina Shah,MD​