Lawrence Jones, DO’s accidental discovery ​

Dr. Lawrence Jones, an osteopath from the small town of Ontario, Oregon. He received his osteopathic degree in 1936, discovered by accident, how to release osteopathic lesions (aka subluxations) in 1955 and taught until his death in the 1996. Counterstrain was the culmination of 20 years of independent clinical tinkering in Jones’s rural clinical practice.  He encouraged his students to further develop their own techniques.4​

The case of the young man with unrelenting low back pain and antalgia​

Lawrence Jones, DO, placing a patient in a comfortable release position, in this case for a posterior rib subluxation.4​

The case of the gardener and the blow to the groin from the hoe.​

The case of the man who fell asleep on the couch​